Right about now, you are probably wondering…where are you going with that blog title…Kathleen?

Fear not…I have a plan…so STAY with me here!

We all LOVE Valentines Day, but it’s such a short Holiday that most people don’t really decorate their homes all that much.

Well…maybe not like “over the top” as I may or may not do at Christmas!

Sound familiar?

Today’s project remedies that…simply because it can certainly stay out in the living area of your home all year round!

You are sure to LOVE this one…

Let’s take a fabulous combination of sizes from Baby Kay’s Jamberry Swirls and Simple Day Fonts and combine it with one of the heart appliques from the Heart Bundle Applique Design.

No worries, you don’t have to fret trying to mimic this set up in your software…Teresa has taken my software combination and made it a complete design…all ready for you to use!


Now…that’s what I call a SERIOUS plan…in action!

So let’s jump right in and get started…

Because I am using my same Red and White pillow from Christmas…which is an 18” square…I have cut my fabric and cotton batting in the following manner…

-9” Wide X 41” Long (fabric)

-8” Wide X 38.5” Long (100% Cotton Batting)

I prepped my 8×12 Full Fast Frame with sticky stabilizer and then put the

batting onto the sticky first, and then layered the fabric on top of the batting…centering it, so that there would be “excess” fabric (top and bottom) to make a hem out of over the batting…when you finish your embroidery work.

I also added a few of my flat head pins around the edge to secure the top fabric layer and the batting to the frame. You will notice that I used the straight edge of the bottom of my fabric to match up with the straight edge of the frame itself…and this assures me that I am loading it evenly across the frame. I also have my center marked with a water soluble pen for a reference point.

Here she goes…stitching effortlessly with Baby Kay’s Jamberry Swirls and Simple Day Fonts!

I used my Clover Green Clippies this time because they are LONGER and can take a bigger bite where I need it to hold my fabric and batting more securely along the front edge.

And YES…I slapped on a piece of WSS…

because it makes my heart sing!


Once I removed the finished work from the frame…I press the top edge over to the backside of the top and the bottom and hemmed it.

After I hemmed both the top and bottom with a nice top stitch, I put it on the pillow I planned to use and trimmed the length of it to fit with a slight overlap. I secured it onto the pillow by sewing velcro at the overlap.

I just LOVE it when a plan comes together…

How about YOU?