We interrupt this Holiday Season of Blog Posts to bring you something a little “Non-Holidayish”…

Let it be known that “Holidayish” is not a real word, but it seems appropriate here.

The truth is out…

Yes…I make up words as I Blog!

Yes…it drives my kids insane that I continue to do it, even though they tell me NOT to! (Who listens to their kids advice anyway…lol!)

Still…today’s project is not within the Holiday Scheme of things, but still pretty neat, none the less!

Let’s get started!

My sweet neighbor…her name is Lisa…thinks I’m the “Bomb”, when it comes to Embroidered/Appliqued baby gifts. I love the fact that she has such confidence in my work…even when I don’t necessarily feel all that warm and fuzzy about it!

Silly Lisa…she hasn’t got a clue as to just how talented our followers and customers here at Baby Kay’s really are! Let’s keep that little secret for now (just so she keeps using my business for her Baby Gift sets!)…but if truth be told, we here at Baby Kay’s are in “awe” of the beautiful finished projects being created by YOU all out there!

So…Keep up the Great work…we love seeing your projects!

Today, I am going to embroider a name on an adorable double faced fleece throw my neighbor and her husband made for a new baby, getting ready to join the family! It’s ironic that the Baby’s name is going to be Sophia…because I chose to use Baby Kay’s Sofia Font in the 3” size. I wanted it to be BOLD and stand out on the fleece and this particular font brings it to the table!

Who’s not gonna LOVE that?

My neighbor brought me the fleece throw already “knotted” on the outside edge…holding the two layers together. I asked her to please leave the one corner open, so I could embroider her name first and then finish the knotting to encapsulate the embroidery work, so you will not be able to see the backside of the name.

I prepped my 8×12 FULL Fast Frame with sticky stabilizer and then found the center of my design and marked the fleece up from the corner about 4” to the bottom of the design. I also fused a piece of No Show Mesh cutaway to the backside of the area where her name will be. This will give it the proper permanent hold for the stitch area during those repeated washing’s.

As you can see in the picture above, I have loaded the design upside down onto my machine so that my fleece blanket (which has weight to it) can be attached to the frame with the excess hanging off the machine in the front. Basically the blanket is loaded upside down too! I also pulled a bar height chair up close to the machine so the excess of the fleece blanket can rest on it and not “pull” it down…like it would if I had just let it “hang”.

For this particular embroidery, I used a combination of a bunch of my red clips and a few flat head flower straight pins to give it “extra” control and hold onto the frame.

Here she goes…

This Sofia Font stitches like a DREAM…so pretty and BOLD!

Yep…I slapped a piece of WSS across the embroidery area…because this is fleece and I want the stitching to set up on top and not get buried into the blanket!

The Stats…

-10.5” wide X 4.25” tall

-10,250 stitches

I love the way the RED thread I used for Sophia’s name on the light pink fleece popped right off the fleece…

How about YOU?