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————–>CLICK HERE to enter our $10,000 GIVEAWAY! <————-

WA Tickets – Drawing for $10,000!!!

Regular Price $20.00

Actual Price is FREE with $20 credit rebate applied to your account with each ticket purchase!

*please understand that store coupons and credit MAY NOT be used on this purchase as all profits go directly to the school and not for BKA. THANKS!

FREE Paw Design with purchase.


Yes call me what you want but I am on here peddling my dear kids fundraiser. If you are a mom you know we will do ANYTHING for our kids even if it means hanging out in front of Walmart selling cookies or peddling their fundraiser online. So here I am selling their tickets in the only way I know how… using my Baby Kay’s Website.

HOWEVER…. I am offering something AWESOME in return for each ticket purchased…

—–> Get our Pawprint design FREE as a Thank you for supporting our Jags!

—–>You will receive $20 credit on your account for each ticket purchased… so it is basically FREE!

—–>ALSO… every ticket purchased will be entered into a drawing to win your choice of $100 credit on your account OR Fonts for LIFE Membership.

My girls will forever be thankful for your support to their school and I will be thankful when this fundraiser is over. LOL


If you would like to purchased more than 1 ticket please contact me at Teresa@babykaysappliques.com


Now THIS is a fundraiser I could get behind…..




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