Entire Website – Limited Time Offer

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PLEASE READ the entire description to understand How This Works

Here is the basic layout.

1. Purchase this Deal

2. In your downloads you will have a PDF file which will include a LINK to Download. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!




This offer is limited and will only be on our site while we are all trying to work thru the current state of our country, as well as our world. As many sit at home and practice self distancing, I know so many are feeling the effects financially with stores, restaurants, and other businesses shutting down. Schools are closed and many parents now have to find means to school from home as well as the cost of food and other necessities.

Please understand this is my way of helping in this situation and this offer will be available until we are all back to normal.

Coupons may not be applied to this as this is already one of the biggest offers we have ever put on our site and each $$ is going to help our own family, friends and community in this time.


Purchase this listing for $50.

Then download the attached PDF File with instructions which includes a link to a Google Drive location that contains ALL of our files.



We have to set it up this way to allow you to get our thousands of folders without crashing the site. This means that we will CLOSE the link on MAY 1st. After that date you will NOT have access to the folder or the files inside to download so be sure you download them all before May 1st or create your own folder to store them on.



Everything! Yes, even fonts, alphas, numbers.. the whole shebang! If you have any questions please email me at Teresa@babykaysappliques.com or you can Message us on our Facebook Page or post in our Facebook Group. Someone will be happy to help you as soon as possible.



I do hope every one of you are staying healthy and safe during this time. Practice good social distancing, wash hands, clean surfaces, and all that common sense stuff. THANK YOU to every person that has been a Baby Kay’s customer, who has supported us for the 10 plus years, and I hope this is our way of turning around and supporting you all at this time.



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