100 Designs – Retiring Bundle – Group 2

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These will only be offered for the next 30 days!

After that they will be retired and GONE.

…but you will ALWAYS have access to download them once purchased.


Here is our second set of Retiring designs.

100 designs – only $35.

These are LIMITED AVAILABILITY and once they are gone we will not return them to the site for purchase.

Once you do purchase this set or any retire designs set you will ALWAYS have access to download the designs.

Here is the list of these 100 designs, you can also see each one in the photos to the left.

Peeking Ghost

Witchy Spider

Football Helmet with Bow

Football Helmet

I Have Daddy Under my Spell

Monogram Pumpkin

Mummy Head

Sassy Pumpkin

Scary Eyes

Batty for Daddy Girl

Girly Bobbin Girly Bow Scallop Patch

Megaphone Patch

Batty for Mommy Girl

Frog and Fly

Witchy Spider Girl

Snowman Head

Witch Hat Faux Smock

Pencil with Bowtie

Pencil with Flower

Present Box Faux Smock

Helmet Faux Smock

Skull Girl Smock

Rubber Ducky Smock

Double Crosses

Soccer Smock

Plane Smock

Lemonade Glasses Smock

Giraffe Patch

Lion Patch

Zebra Patch

Caramel Apple with Bow

Turkey Punk

Cute Dinosaur

Tractor with Christmas Tree

Ballet Smock

Scarecrow on Pumpkin

Caramel Apple Smock

Penguin Girl Smock

Penguin Boy Smock

Penguin Boy

Penguin Girl

Haunted House

Let it Snow

Pie Slice

Pumpkin Guard

Witch Hat Cupcake

Squirrel Girl with Acorn

Snowflake Mini Set

Curved Christmas Tree

Snowflake Mug

Santa boots

Santa Hand with Cookie

Snowflake Mug Smock

Valentine Candy Machine

Valentine Ship

Valentine Fishing Pole

Penguin with Balloons

Square Patch Heart

Heart Owl

Valentine Flamingo

Easter Chick in Basket

Panda Boy Holding Cupcake

Cherry Hearts Smock

XOXO Kiss Smock

Cupcake Heart Smock

Mustache Hearts Smock

Flover with a Bow

3 Heart Owl

Scallop Frame Panda

Bird in a Cage

Mustache and Bow Tie Heart

Fat Bee

Valentine Eiffel Tower

Fleur De Lis

Poodle Eiffel Tower Smock

Valentine Tractor

Scallop Frame Heart Cherries

Love Smock

Easter Egg with Bow

Umbrella with Bow

Whale Boy

Whale Girl

Frog Face

Watermelon Smock


Elephant Family Smock

Heart Owl Smock

Robot Girl

Robot Boy

Bow Tie Bunny Mini

Scallop Sea Turtle

Circle Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle Smock

Flip-Flop Smock

Sun Smock

Lemonade Mason Jar








We will NOT exchange any designs if you happen to already have a few in this package, this is a all or none deal, no credits, refunds, or exchanges will be given for this pack. We WILL always hold up the credibility of designs and will offer customer service to these as long as you own them.


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