Are you looking for the PERFECT little “add on” to the Baby Shower gift you just made?

Today is your LUCKY day!

How about a sweet pair of FANCY PANTS…aka…Monogrammed Bloomers?

Since Reese Witherspoon and I are BEASTIES…we LOVE the same thing…


BIG Monograms…


(OK…I may or may NOT be exaggerating just a little…Reese and I are NOT Beasties…she doesn’t even know I exist…but I still LOVE me some Big Monograms!)


Let’s get started!

I just LOVE the Vine Monogram from Baby Kay’s…it is super pretty and stitches like a dream…you just can’t go wrong when this is your choice of the day!

While a LARGE single letter (the middle version) would be just fine on the seat of these adorable ruffled bloomers…I want to add the little sweeties name across it too!

You know…

Double Monogram it!

I am using the 4” MIDDLE letter from the Vine Monogram set and then adding the1” size of the Sofia font for the name that I will place across the main letter.

Let’s mix it up a little bit by using two different colored threads…I just love the way this looks!It makes everything POP!

First, I prepped my Radius Fast Frame with a piece of Sticky Stabilizer and then marked my center of the back end of the bloomers…then I ironed a piece of Fusible No Show Mesh to the backside of the Monogram area.


To find the perfect location for your Double Monogram on the back end of the bloomers…I snap them shut first (I used the ones from ARB that have snaps in the crotch area for easier diaper changes) and lay them flat on the table and then just “eyeball” the location…because it is really all about the most pleasing to YOUR eye when it comes to bloomer seat monogramming.Just be sure not to put it too HIGH near the waistband or too LOW…near the snaps!

Here she goes…

As you can see…I have added a bunch of my favorite little Red Clippies to help securely hold the bloomers in place while she stitches away!


Since this is an ALL embroidery Monogram…I went ahead and slapped a piece of WSS on top before I hit the START button!

Here’s my design stats…

3.75” wide X 4.1” tall

9157 Stitches

Little Miss Fancy Pants is ALL set!

LOVE them Bunches…

How about YOU?


-Vine Monogram (I used the Center Letter in the 4” size)

-Sofia Font (I used the 1” size)

-Fast Frame (I used the Radius Frame)

-Perfect Stick Stabilizer (I used Floriani Brand)

-Fusible NO Show Mesh (I used Floriani Brand)

-WSS (off Brand)

-Thread (Exquisite Brand) Pink #305…Light Gray #1707

-Ruffled Bloomers (ARB)

-Clover Wonder Clips (Hobby Lobby, Joann’s, Amazon and Quilt Shops)

-Water Soluble Pen for Marking Center of design