The hot summer days are still here and even though “back to school” is just around the corner…we still have time for one more super cute summer beach vacation shirt!

I absolutely LOVE the Crab Alpha Applique set from Baby Kay’s…it’s one of my “go to designs” for the hot summer days!

Today…I want to shake it up a bit and “girly up” this adorable design…

Let’s put it on a pretty pink shirt…just for Addie!

My chosen garment for this project is a simple pink short sleeve shirt from my local Hobby Lobby…in a size 24 months.

Gracious Alive…it’s so darn CUTE!

With the many various design sizes that are included in this Baby Kay’s set…you are sure to find the “perfect” one for your little princess!

Just like with all the projects I blog about here…sizing up or down is so easy to do with Baby Kay’s Appliques!Be sure to check out the “Tools of the Trade” at the bottom of this post to get the nitty gritty on all the items used for this sweet project!

Let’s get started…

I chose the 6×10 size letter “A” crab alpha applique and paired it with the 1.5 inch size of the Smoothie Shop Font for her name…Addie.Since the letter “A” has a flat area, I am going to run it up the side…it’s the perfect spot!

My design size ended up being approximately 6 1/8” tall by 6.5” wide…with 13,481 stitches (personalization included)…not bad at all when you consider the detail of this design.It certainly packs a PUNCH!

Look at her stitch away…just like a dream!

Nothing says girly girl…like a sweet pink plaid fabric from Michael Miller for the letter!I paired it up with a Hot Pink and White dots fabric for the sweet little crabby…because I wanted to be sure to send it over the top…in true “girly style” fashion!

Once again…I am using my favorite little red clippies from Clover…

How do I love thee…let me count the ways!

Here she is…just in time for Addie’s big day at the Beach!



-Crab Alpha Applique (I used the 6×10 size)

-Smoothie Shop Font ( I used the 1.5 inch size)

-Fast Frame (I used the 8×8 inch size)

-Perfect Stick Stabilizer (I used Floriani Brand)

-Fusible No Show Mesh Cutaway Stabilizer (I used Floriani Brand)

-WSS (off Brand)

-Heat and Bond Lite Fusible (Hobby Lobby, Joann’s, Walmart and On Line)

-Clover Wonder Clips (Hobby Lobby, Joann’s, Amazon and Quilt Shops)

-Soft Pink Short Sleeve Shirt (Hobby Lobby)

-Thread-Exquisite Brand (Soft Pink #305-Hot Pink #325-White #010

Black#020-Aqua#444-Tan #621)

-Fabric-Plaid (Madras Patch Happy by Michael Miller) Hot Pink Dots (Dot Essential for Moda)

-Water Soluble Pen for Marking Center of design